West Alabama Nurse Practitioners
Toni Kistner

Toni Kistner

Washington, DC


Acute Care, Adult, Gerontological, Oncology

About the preceptor Toni is looking for:

Located near Charlottesville, VA.

Hello! I'm in George Washington University's FNP program and am seeking two preceptor sites for Spring 2020: 150 hours in pediatrics and 150 hours in women's health (GYN). So that would run from January to early May.

I am willing to drive out to Orange or to Culpeper as well. If you have any availability, please let me know!

I've been a nurse for 8 years with expertise in oncology, palliative care and acute rehab. I'm very excited to broaden and deepen my skills in pediatrics and women's health (GYN). I'm hoping to work with a high-energy preceptor who enjoys teaching and loves taking care of patients.

Thanks for considering me!